We Are Warriors – the Documentary


The #metoo and TimesUp campaigns have caused a global ripple amongst women, with Hollywood at its core. We Are Warriors takes a look at the modern rape culture in New Zealand, which reportedly has one of the highest incidence of rape amongst women and children in the developed world.

We Are Warriors follows Ciaran, whose journey takes her from being raped at the age of five, to present day as she fights for change in her own community through her charitable trust HEALNZ. In the last year and a half, working alongside the police, Ciaran has helped bring many perpetrators to justice. She has won many awards for her work and was invited to the UN summit in New York in 2018 where she presented at the Commission on the Status of Women.

The documentary will explore why we live in a world where rape victims are shamed more than the rapists themselves? Why do the laws protect the rapist more than the victim? These are questions we will explore with help from politicians, police, counsellors and the community itself, with Ciaran at the forefront of change for her small rural community of Kaitaia.

Nationally, the monthly backlog of adult sexual assault files waiting to be assigned to a detective has risen 78% in two years, to an average of 180 each month in the last three months of 2018. In the Northland region alone, 45 sexual assault cases remained unassigned in September 2018, the highest of any police district, and twice that of the next-highest area, Central. Why is sexual abuse so prevalent in Northland, and is there any correlation to Northland having the highest suicide rate? Why is the system still failing the victims?

Unresolved sexual assaults cases are on the rise, doubling since 1994. It is time for victims to be heard.